First blog post!  Hooray!

As is made clear by my blog heading, this is going to be a place where I can just write about my day, things I’m thinking of, my crafts, books I’m reading, music I’m listening to.  Frankly I’m sure this won’t be interesting to anyone except me, but I like the idea of writing a blog so here we go.

I guess some introductions are necessary at this point, so I’ve decided to make a list of the things that I’m interested in — both generally and just right now.

  1. East Asia — mostly my interest is in Japan but I’ve recently completed a research paper on Asian Tiger Cities (mostly in China) and so I’ve really gotten interested in all of East Asia and to some extent South East Asia.  Japan, however, will always remain foremost in my thoughts.  I love everything about Japan, but I especially love Japanese art and literature.  I’ve currently just finished about half a year of reading only Japanese literature and am now taking a break (albeit a short one) for other books.
  2. Art History — as you could probably tell from #1, I’m pretty darn interested in art.  I’m so interested, in fact, that I decided to major in Art History in college.  At this point I’m still not sure exactly what kind of art I want to focus on (although it’s looking like it might be East Asian art) or what I want to do after graduation (actually I do know that I want to go to grad school and then get a Ph.D but after that it is all up in the air).
  3. Books — You might also have noticed from #1 that I love reading.  I actually just finished a personal challenge on Goodreads (if you are a reader and do not have a Goodreads account, make one.  It is awesome!) wherein I was to finish 52 books in 52 weeks (i.e. a year) and I did.  And judging by the date of this post, I actually read 52 books in less than 52 weeks.  Yah!  But that doesn’t mean that I will stop reading, far from it in fact.  I have already finished the 53rd book of the year and begun the 54th.  Over the course of my blogging, I will keep whoever reads this blog updated on what I’m reading and what I think of the book.
  4. Music — Before going off to college, I played classical guitar and string bass (yes, the really big string instrument).  And I loved it.  The only reason I stopped is that the music school at USC (Yes, I’m a Trojan.  Yes, I’m proud of that fact.  No, I don’t think football is particularly interesting or important) is pretty competitive and I didn’t want to be a professional musician and that it’s really hard to fit a bass in a dorm room.  So I have transferred my love of playing music to a love of listening to music and seeing music performed.  I will keep this blog updated on the music I’m loving to listen to as well as any concerts or performances I see.
  5. Knitting — I’m actually interested in pretty much all handicrafts, but I’ve been knitting for as long as I remember and am pretty good at it (I believe I can knit anything if I put my mind to it).  That means that I will post stuff about my knitting on this blog.  It won’t happen all the time, because there are times in my life when I don’t feel a desire to knit, but, when I do, I knit a lot.
  6. Tea — Clearly I think tea is important if I put it in the title of my blog.  Tea is my drink of choice (I never really got into coffee) and you can bet that I’m drinking tea at any time of the day and probably be right.

I think those are my major interests.  We’ll see if anything else comes to mind.  And now I will bid thee adieu and get back to my knitting and reading.  And tea.  Mustn’t forget about the tea.


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