Okay, so I’m not very good at coming up with titles.

Especially not when I’m running on 4 hours of sleep.  I know that 4 hours may not seem so bad to a lot of college students, but for my entire college experience (3 months) I have gone to bed at midnight or before and woken up at 7, getting a solid 7 hours of sleep.  Not last night.  For some reason, even though I was perfectly tired, I wasn’t able to fall asleep until 3 in the morning because I was too busy thinking.  My mind was racing.

So I’m typing up this blog post while my laundry is going.  Now normally I do my laundry on Sunday night because I honestly don’t have enough clothes to last me more than a week.  Well around 11:30 last night I realized that I hadn’t started my laundry.  Knowing that I would not be able to stay up for more than 30 minutes I decided to leave my laundry for today.  And then I did stay up for more than 30 minutes.  So now I’m left trying to keep my eyes open until my laundry is done.  It’s proving very difficult especially because not only am I sleep deprived but I have also developed a terrible headache.

I think that part of the reason this is affecting me so much is that I just finished two research papers that I had been working on for about a month.  Even though I’m very relaxed most of the time, I think I was building up stress while I was working on those papers and now that the pressure is suddenly gone I’ve experienced a sort of whiplash that is leaving me more than half -dead.

But yes, research papers are done.  One of them, for my Writing class, was about Shunga, or Japanese erotic art and the other one, for my art history class, was about artistic representations of Asian Tiger Cities.  Both extremely interesting topics.  I love that most of my essays for college have been based on very broad topics so that I can narrow them down to something that I’m really interested in.  It’s a lot easier to right an 8 page paper on something that you find interesting than on something that you could care less.

I’m excited that Thanksgiving Break is coming up.  I just have to get through tomorrow and then I’ll be heading up to the bay area to visit family.  I got as much work as I could out of the way this past weekend so it looks like I’ll be able to relax over this short but much needed break.  After that, however, I will be thinking about topics for two upcoming art history research papers for different undergraduate art history symposiums.  I have a couple ideas floating around but I’ll try and figure some things out.  Thankfully the deadlines for both papers are in January and March, but I’d like to start early.

That’s enough about school.  As part of my effort to relax, I have begun knitting again.  I’m about a quarter of the way through a nice simple 5 x 5 rib scarf.  I just wanted something simple that I could do while watching TV and reading blogs.  I also just splurged and ordered some Madelintosh sportweight yarn for the Stripe Study and Color Affection shawls.  I seem to inherited a love of shawls from my mother.  In any case, I hope that all arrives after Thanksgiving break so I can start working on them.

I have been watching TV on Netflix pretty religiously every night.  For a while I was working my way through Parenthood which was enjoyable but I just decided to switch over to My So-Called Life (I very rarely finish a TV show).  I love Clare Danes in this show.  It’s just a lot of fun and I find it to be less horribly cliched that the high school shows that are one the air now.

I’ve made a rather seamless transition from reading Japanese novels to reading books from other countries and disciplines.  I just finished a really enjoyable book called Stiff: The Curious Life of Human Cadavers.  I know it doesn’t sound like a fun read but it really was.  Mary Roach is just a regular reporter and so you felt like she was right alongside you with all the disgusting bits.  All in all a fascinating and very quick read (I finished it in a day).  Now I’m on to The Rape of Europa: The Fate of Europe’s Treasures in the Third Reich and the Second World War.  The topic of German art during the rise and reign of Hitler is very interesting and this book holds so much information.  Even if you aren’t into art history like I am, it makes a great read.  I’ll finish that over Thanksgiving break and I also have two Robert Hughes books American Visions and Nothing if Not Critical.  Robert Hughes is one of my favorite writers of Art History.  He’s really sassy and not afraid to put his own opinions into his discussion of art and art history.  I watched the TV series based on American Visions in 11th grade and loved it so I’m hoping the books will be just as interesting.

After finishing those books, I plan to begin a new reading challenge and that is to read a book from every country in the world.  I read about someone doing this on a blog and think it’s a great idea.  They were kind enough to make a list of books from every country and so I might use that or I might go off on my own.  In any case I’m super excited.

I’m just about done which is a good thing as my laundry is almost done and I’m about ready to drop dead from exhaustion.  The only thing that is keeping me awake at this point is my tea — PG Tips Black Tea.  I had heard PG Tips was good and decided to try it when I finished my stash of tea and found out that CVS was having a sale.  So far I love it.  I really like strong tea so this is perfect.  Two thumbs up.

I’m off to fold my clothes and then hopefully sink into blissful sleep.  じゃあまた。



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