I cannot even begin to tell you how happy I am that I get the rest of the week of from college.  I love college, I really do.  It seems like the perfect fit for me.  But sometimes it is nice to have some time off.  Usually I spend much of my weekends doing work so they never quite feel like breaks.  For Thanksgiving Break, however, I managed to get all my reading done for next week, so I get to relax as much as I want.  I’m bringing the scarf I’m knitting although I only have one ball of yarn left so I might be finished pretty soon.  I also have The Rape of Europa and I’m bringing along the two Robert Hughes books, Nothing if Not Critical and American Visions.  The Rape of Europa has been relatively slow going right now but I think that is because I read in short snippets.  If I get a nice big chunk of time to read, like in the car on the way to San Francisco, I’ll probably get a sizable amount of book read.  It’s on a really interesting topic, so I’m loving reading it.

I have been listening to some great music recently.  I started using Spotify Radio which is amazing.  I start out with someone I already love, like Bjork, Sigur Ros, Pizzicato Five, or Jun Miyake and then it gives me more artists that I end up loving.  Some of the musicians I’ve found out about are amazing.  One of the groups I’m obsessed with right now is a Brazilian group called Nouvelle Vague.  I am loving their cover of Come On Eileen.  So beautifully done.

Shorter post than usual today.  Last but not least, I’m drinking some awesome tea.  I spent the night at my mom’s so that we can head out earlier in the morning.  My mother makes the best tea, in my opinion.  She knows just how much sugar to put in and it is always perfect.  So I’m pretty happy.



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