Yeah, I’ve been watching Adventure Time.  It’s one of the best shows ever and it’s perfect for when Buffy the Vampire Slayer scares me too much (which is basically all the time — I’m very easily scared).  It’s also a good lighthearted show to watch while knitting the seemingly endless rows of Different Lines.  Now that I’m on the 11th CC stripe, the rows are getting longer and longer which means more and more short rows.  It’s taking me much longer to get through a section so I need something that will hold my attention while I’m knitting.  Adventure Time or Buffy is perfect.



I have so many stitches on the needles that I can no longer fully spread the shawl out.  Radical!

As predicted, I woke up Saturday pretty much unable to move because I was so sore.  I dragged myself out of bed and did some yoga which helped, but I’m still recovering from the Friday Wushu workout.  I was planning to go to next week’s workouts but I just realized that I already had some stuff scheduled.  I’m a little disappointed, but I’m still planning to work on the basics that I learned on Friday on my own.

After I managed to get all my limbs working relatively well Saturday morning, I went over to my mom’s house and got fed.  The weather was great so we went on a walk and stopped by IHOP for some Eggs Benedict on the way back (yum!).

Sunday morning I again woke up very early and got picked up my dad to go see Watts Towers.  Watts Towers is one of my favorite places ever and I’ve been there more times than I can remember.  If you live in Los Angeles and have not seen Watts Towers, go now.  If you are visiting Los Angeles, take the time to visit them.  The history of Watts Towers and Simon/Sam Rodia is incredible and it is an amazing work of art.

I also got to feed Sam who has been sadly neglected the last few weeks because of the Thanksgiving break and my being generally busy.  He seemed quite happy.  I won’t go into the gory details.

Later in the afternoon, I met up with several of my classmates from Japanese class to work on a skit that we wrote and will have to perform on Tuesday.  It was great working with them but I wish we didn’t have to perform our skit.  If only it was enough just to write three scenes in Japanese.  It was difficult but we had a lot of fun.  Now we just have to memorize all those lines!

I’m a bit sad that the weekend is ending because it was a rather nice and relaxed weekend but it is heartening to know that this coming week is the last week of classes.  Yay!  It feels like the year has been going by so quickly.  I can’t believe it’s almost winter break and that soon the second semester will begin.  It’s all very exciting.



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