Ah The Joy Of Finals

Actually it’s not that bad.  Back on Saturday, I made a Final Study Schedule which allowed me to study in the morning and then have the afternoon and evening to relax.  Today I got through all my studying before noon and I have been hanging out in my room like a couch potato the rest of the day.  It feels pretty good.

I had a fun weekend.  Friday night I hung out with some friends to celebrate the end of classes.  Saturday I got together with my family and celebrated the first day of Hanukkah.  I definitely ate way too much food but it was totally worth it.  Sunday passed by uneventfully until midnight (which I realize is technically Monday but whatever) when one of the dining halls hosted a midnight breakfast.  Now, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, and I love eating breakfast foods at all hours, so I managed to keep myself awake and have midnight breakfast.  It was awesome!!  Thankfully my friend and I got to the dining hall a little early because after we had already gotten our food and sat down, the place was completely mobbed.  Another dining hall is having midnight dinner tonight (or tomorrow) so I think I’m going to go to that.

Knitting has progressed.  I have about 3-4 inches of the solid purple section which will have to end up being 6 inches so things are going well.  I started watching Greek which is a pretty stupid but very enjoyable TV show to watch that doesn’t require a lot of attention.

I finished my book selection for Grenada, The Ladies Are Upstairs, by Merle Collins.  It’s a collection of short interconnected stories and I really loved it.  It took a little while to get into the groove of reading it because Collins does a great job with the colloquial speech of Grenada.  Once you figure it out, however, this book is very difficult to put down.  Now that I’m done with Grenada, I think I’m going to move onto Russia.  My mother recommended the novel, A Hero of Our Time, by Mihail Lermontov, so I’m planning to read that.  So far, this project is going very well and I am totally loving it.  Let’s hope I still feel that way after 100 books.


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