Wishing I Lived In A Nudist Community …

… Because it is so damn hot!  Just laying around doing absolutely nothing is enough to make you sweat in this heat.  

However, I braved the heat this morning and first rode my bike to the grocery store with mom and then went on a longer bike ride on my own.  The ride to the store was nice and short — pretty much no hills and still early enough that the sun wasn’t beating down on us.

The longer bike ride came from Short Bike Rides: Los Angeles, a book by Robert Winning. I just borrowed this book from my step-mom and I really love it.  Today I did The Real Hollywood Bike Ride.  It was a nice sized loop that was a little over 21.3 km or 13.2 miles.  It got really hot by the end but thankfully I had gotten all the uphill stuff done early in the ride and was able to relax on the way back.  I had a lot of fun and would love to do this ride again sometime (maybe when it’s a little cooler).  I’m also definitely going to check out some of the other rides in the book.

I’ve decided to do more biking outside of my daily commute because I have joined a challenge on Strava — PowerBar’s Take on the Tour.  Basically, between June 29 and July 31, you try and ride half the Tour de France length — 1,680 kilometers.  I’m pretty positive that I won’t even get close to that number, but it has inspired me to do more biking which is good.  So far I have ridden 27 km and it is only day two.  I’m feeling pretty good.

Later in the afternoon, I met up with my dad and my step-mom and we took the metro over to Grand Park for Eric Garcetti’s inauguration.  I love this park so much and there were so many different types of people at the event — a real cross section of Los Angeles life and style.  The inauguration was great — all the speeches were fantastic — and the backdrop of city hall made for a beautiful picture.  Also, I think Garcetti wins the Most Attractive Politician Contest — very handsome!!


The crowd in front of city hall.



Garcetti being sworn in.


Besides biking, I have begun reading The Accidental Connoisseur.  I only started yesterday so I don’t have too much to say.  I’m really liking all the history of the different wines and wine makers that you get.  However, I think that Osborne’s writing can be really pretentious at times.  If you can get past that, though, it’s a really interesting read.

I’ve also started knitting again.  I took some Trekking that I’d had for ages and cast on Jaywalker — one of those patterns that was super popular but that I hadn’t used.  I totally understand why people love this pattern.  It’s super easy — just a two row repeat — but it makes for some great results, and it looks great in the Trekking.  I completed the first sock with no problems and am now working on the heel flap for the second.


Both socks.



Close up of the pattern.


I start working again which is good because I’ve missed my daily commute.  Also, the library is always freezing so it will be a good respite from this crazy heat wave.