Thanksgiving! (Almost)

I say almost because the big feast isn’t for 2 more hours and I’ve spent the entire beginning of the day reading knitting blogs, watching a movie, and knitting.  Oh and going on a walk because I can’t stay in the house that long.  And yes, I said house because I’m spending these four days at my mom’s house because I miss her and I wanted a little change of pace from the apartment (much as I love the apartment).

Speaking of the apartment, now that I have my very own place to live I’ve decided that I need to knit for it.  I never felt this need to knit home stuff before but now all I care about are pillows and blankets and wall hangings.  Anyhow, I decided to go on Ravelry.  And while I was there I decided to clear up my queue.  I went through the six pages and removed the items that I knew I wasn’t going to knit.  This included all of the crochet (I can crochet but not well enough to make a complicated shawl and I don’t really have any desire to get any better.  It also included most of the garments.  Let’s face it, I live in Los Angeles.  My family lives in either Los Angeles or Miami for the most part.  I have no need to knit a bulky sweater.  Plus it’s expensive to buy all that yarn and I’m trying to save money.  I’d much rather work on smaller and functional items.  Maybe someday I’ll move somewhere colder but for the next 2 and a half years I’ll be in sunny Southern California.  Plus, my queue is now only 3 pages.  

After I cleared up my queue, I decided to organize everything in it under tags so now, when I want to knit a bag, I just go under the Bag Tag and find all the patterns.  I’m feeling much better.  

Then I went on a project page for the perfect blanket.  I wake up the earliest out of the four people in my apartment.  I like to go to bed at 10 and wake up at 6 (very unusual for a college girl) because I get so much more work done in the morning before anyone is up to distract me.  However, it gets chilly at 6 AM and I’ve been thinking about how nice a big knitted blanket or afghan would be when I’m lounging on the couch.  So I checked ravelry and went through everything tagged blanket that wasn’t crocheted.  And I decided not to use a pattern.  Well, not really.

I have tons of random balls of yarn that I acquired from people or thought that I would use but that I don’t have enough of.  So why don’t I do what it seems like everyone is doing and knit up a mitered square blanket.  Mitered squares allow me to get the same size squares no matter what weight yarn I’m using.  It’ll be quirky and fun and I’ll love it.  I already went through my stash and found some balls of yarn to use.  When I’m done with All the Shades of Truth, I’ll start on that. 

I’ll also knit up some pillows.  For those I’ll probably use a pattern because I saw some that I really loved.  We have pillows for the couch in the apartment but, while they are very nice to look at, they aren’t very functional because the feathers keep poking out of the fabric and scratching you.  Plus, a lot of the feathers come completely out of the case and are a real pain to clean up.  I do the most cleaning in the apartment ( for some reason I really love cleaning.  My roommates aren’t complaining) and I don’t want to ever have to clean up another feather again.  So knitted pillows it is.  I’m excited.

But first I have to finish All the Shades of Truth.  And I have made quite a bit of progress since I started yesterday.  



Excuse the crappy photo.  I have an iphone and a lamp.  

I’m up to the fourth stripe of section 1.  It’s garter stitch so I can knit it while reading or watching a movie or a TV show.  I always forget how much I love garter stitch at a smaller gauge.  It’s got amazing drape and it feels so soft.  I like just running this over my hand while I knit.  So far so good.

The movie I decided to watch today while knitting was In Bruges.  It was a very fun movie in a dark comedy sort of way.  I recommend it to everyone (unless you aren’t good with some violence.  Then maybe not).  It’s on Netflix instant play so you’ve got no reason not to watch it.

Only two more hours till Thanksgivikkuh feasting.  I can’t wait.  I hope that everyone has an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving!


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