Well, almost.  I still have finals, but I’ve managed to develop a schedule that, if stuck to, only requires an hour or two of studying each day.  So far I’m doing well although I’ve never had much luck in the past sticking to study schedules so we’ll see.  

Last week was a ridiculously busy week for me.  Although I kept up with my work all semester, this past week was when all the big projects and papers were due in every class and it was just so much stress and work.  On Monday I had to do a presentation for my Extensive Reading in Japanese class.  This meant that I had to pick out a picture book, write an original story IN JAPANESE, rehearse it, and then present it in front of a class which is made up mainly of people who speak much better Japanese than I do.  Nonetheless, I think I did a pretty good job and was particularly glad that that’s over.  

Then, on Tuesday, I performed a skit with my group for my Japanese III class.  This required a 4 scene script to be written utilizing as many grammar points as possible, lines to be memorized, props to be found, and finally a presentation to be made where I did not just crack up laughing.  It went pretty well.  I remembered all my lines and managed to make it through the whole presentation without laughing too much (pretty difficult for me).  

Those three projects caused so much stress because not only they had to be done in a short amount of time but also because all the work that I did on them was in a language that I only sort of know.  Nonetheless, they are over and I think that my Japanese is the better for it.

The final project that had to be done was a short (5 page) literature review for my Northern Renaissance Art History class.  I had already read the 5 articles that we were to be writing about and had decided on the points that I wanted to make by the time Thanksgiving Break had begun so you’d think this would be easy.  Not so.  Trying to fit my argument into only 5 pages was a problem that was difficult to overcome since this is probably the first time I’ve ever been in danger of going over the page limit.  And by in danger I mean that when I was done writing I had close to 10 pages and then had to cut it all down as much as possible.  Very stressful.  Especially when the paper was on Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights which is one of my favourite paintings by one of my favourite artists.  Too much to say in too little space.  Anyhow, that was turned in on Thursday and I am now pretty much free of obligation until finals start.


On the knitting front, I am working diligently on the shawl.  It is currently on circulars that are too short for it so it just looks like a funny scrunchie of colours.  I have ordered a longer needle that will hopefully arrive soon.  Until then, pictures will not be provided because it really doesn’t look like much.  I also ordered enough knitting related stuff for the next 3 or so projects.  I got one blanket kit from knitpicks, some yarn to knit two pillows, and some yarn to knit a razor cami.  I am very excited.  


Finally, our apartment has been Christmas-ified.  My room mate Jonathan got a fake tree and various Christmas ornaments and decorations from his parents and our apartment is now happily seasonal and wintery.

And now I’m going to bask in my done-ness with this semester.  


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